Australia Dating Sites
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Australia Dating Sites:

We've focused our energies on recommending match making websites that cater to Australia. Whether you are in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia or the Northern Territory you'll find plenty of men and women.

There's a lot of dating sites out there but the problem has always been which ones are worth signing up with. Our little list compiles the best so that you save time (and money!)

Lavalife - This is one of the more popular sites for the land down under. At least half the profiles are by aussies. There's always a ton of profiles to browse regardless of if you are in Brisbane, Perth, or Sydney. 

It's always free to respond to messages or to emails. If you want to initiate a chat with someone then you use credits, which means that there are no monthly fees. You only pay when you need to contact the person you want to communicate with.

Friend Finder - This is one of the older web personals sites but they have kept up with the times. And with ages comes as you guessed it lots of profiles to browse. They have a ton of features so that you are never born. It's free to sign up, and you only pay when you with to contact someone (it's always free to respond) A great network if you are looking to talk to people on webcams.

Last time we checked there were people in all of the major cities from Sydney to Townsville. 

Eharmony - A unique and more serious approach to online dating which is based on scientific profiling. Everyone upon signing up fill out a detailed questionnaire and based on the details you provide, they recommend potential dates. Many people swear this is the best thing since sliced bread with vegemite.

Match Maker - You can meet people by using the fun and easy to use chat room or by contacting members using instant messaging. There's also voice and video greetings which makes members more approachable than the old text greeting. Not a huge presence but they are solid and come recommended.


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